Vienna, Austria 2012

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Basic Info for Planning

This page features information to help students prepare for studying at BOKU in Vienna. I hope the information will help you get acquainted with the area and set up at BOKU smoothly.   

Course Registration

At Purdue I talked with my advisor about what types of courses I should enroll in that would most likely transfer. You need to be open to not knowing the exact courses you will take before arriving. Besides you cannot formally register for courses here until you check in at BOKU and get your school ID. This is the way things are done here.  No need to worry things take a bit longer to process.  BOKU offers more of a specialty type of courses (Ex. an economics course may be economics of organic farming).  They also offer excursion courses (but they fill up fast).  Also note the language the course will be taught.  To get an idea of the courses offered here is the course list:

Arrival Date

I would highly suggest taking the German beginner course if you don’t speak German.  That means arriving 2 weeks earlier than your start date.  Most people speak English but the effort is always appreciated.  Being confident in a few key phrases and being able to read the words on signs is always helpful (Einbahn means the street is a one-way funny story with that word). It is also really helpful to come early because you can learn the U-bahn system.  I would highly recommend at least a week early.  It takes a few days to set up and register.


I packed one large suitcase that I checked in the airport and one carry on backpack. Housing includes furnished rooms, bed blankets, and cooking supplies.

Student Housing

The housing situation might seem a bit confusing from the states.  Your parents are not going to want you coming over here without everything worked out, but at the same time it is hard to know where you want to live without coming here.  No worries if you do not have any housing booked when you arrive, I guess some students don’t.     

I would suggest applying for student housing over getting a flat on your own.  OeAD will ask you to rank your housing options when you apply.  You need to rank your top 6 options, but be prepared to not be put into any of your choices. Basically the site is not going to give you an in depth description of the housing. Also distance from BOKU is not a problem (I am 4 miles away and it takes me 30 minutes using public transport). I was not put into any of my top 6 choices.  I am not sure the OEAD (housing office) really evaluates the input options you pick.  

This is not a problem though because once you get here and visit the OEAD office to sign your contract and get your key they will fix any problems you have.  

Personal Experience in Finding the Right Housing

My specific situation is that I first was given housing at: 

Obere Donaustrasse 21/3
1020 Wien

****side note the 1020 is how you tell what district things are in. Vienna is divided into 23 districts. 1020 is the 2nd district.  The one (1) means Vienna and the middle two numbers are the district (02).  Not sure what the last number means(0).

This was a very nice housing unit.  It is across from a small green space, is in a more quiet area, the flat is huge (living room, terrace, dining table, own washer and dryer), the U-bahn is a 5 minute walk across a footbridge, and it is only 2 miles from BOKU (close compared to other student housing).  This housing is more for married couples and professors.  I arrived about 20 days before classes and everyone was gone for the holidays.  I did not really want to stay in this housing unit because I thought it might be harder to meet people my age.   I looked at other student housing around Vienna and went back to the OEAD office the next morning to see what was available.  

I asked to be put in 

Gastehaus der Wiener Universitaten
1150 Wien, Sechshauser Strasse 31

and the OEAD office switched my housing right away. It was no problem. I love this housing unit and it is really easy to meet people here.  I would suggest you ask OEAD if there are openings here when you arrive and go to the office.  It is a very modern building.  Your room is so nice and everything is included.  They have floor activities and everyone seems to be friends with each other.  For Vienna it is in a little more of an urban district.  Vienna is a very safe city so nothing to worry about.  The building has a grocery store right across the street.  The U-bahn station is very close like a 10 minute walk.  The building is about 4 miles away from BOKU but on public transport (which is amazing here) it is about a 30 minute trip once you get into the swing of things.


OEAD office hours

located by Schottentor U-bahn stop and Rathaus U-bahn stop
it is near Rathauspark

street wise when u r on Rooseveltplatz the road name changes to Ebendorferstrasse

Ebendorfestrasse 7, 1010 Wien, Austria

When u see this church surrounded by green space (or snow) u r close

If u r under this walkway that has shops inside u r getting hot!

Registering in Austria

You get the information to register from the OEAD office.  Go to the OEAD office before trying to register.


It may be intimidating at first but I assure u it is simple and u will learn fast.  This system is how u will be able to see Vienna and get places cheaply.

After u pick up your student ID from BOKU u can buy a student card for the semester.  It costs around 120 Euro and allows you to use all public transport.  If u get caught not paying for public transport it is a 70Euro fine.  The card does not activate until the semester starts, so you will need to purchase tickets in the mean time.  It is 1.80 Euro for one direction. You can buy your student pass at the Karlsplatz station at the information desk (u will see a sign).  You can buy a giant map there too for 2.50 Euro and they have small free ones.  

How to use: 

This website will let u plug in your location and will give u option on arranging your travels.  It is a lifesaver!  Don’t worry you will be an expert in no time and if u need help just ask someone.  The first few days of using it I carried around 50 Euro in case I was really confused and needed to cab it back.

Inside the U-Bahn stations it will have signs that direct you to which U to get on.  For example an U6 sign would read “U6 Floridsdorf” or “U6 Siebenhirten.”  They indicate what direction you are heading.  So the "U6 Floridsdorf" last stop is Flordsdorf.

Registering at BOKU

To get your student ID and course registration pin number you need to stop by BOKU.  Make sure you do the pre-registration.  There was a line at the office when I went so u might want to get there early.  Make sure to activate your card at the machine outside.  Register for courses immediately or u might miss out!

Universität für Bodenkultur Studienabteilung (Dean’s Office) Gregor-Mendel-Haus, 2nd floor, at the main staircase, room 01 Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33, A-1180 Wien Tel.: +43 1 47654 1086, Fax +43 1 47654 1044 Email:

Office hours:
Mo – Fr, 09.00 – 12.00 am, also Wed 2.00 – 5.00 pm (on lecture-free days until 4.00 pm)

You can take bus 40A there.  The pick up is right next to the Hilton Hotel near where you registered for OEAD by the Schottentor U-bahn stop.

Lovely Pictures of Vienna 

I stayed in this hotel with my mom.  We arrived on a weekend and the OEAD offices are closed on weekends.  This is a great Hotel to get your bearings. It is a best western about 90 dollars a night with a continental breakfast and helpful desk clerks.  It is located near the OEAD office (like a 15 minute walk).  I was traveling with my mom at first and she enjoyed it so I recommend this as a good family spot if your family visits you during your stay.  

Harmoniegasse 5-7, A 1090 Wien

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