Nicaragua 2011

Managua, Nicaragua
Summer 2011
After the Costa Rica program finished Sierra, Kara, and me embarked on another adventure.

We stayed in Hostel Oasis.
Swimming Pool in Hostel Oasis
Sierra catching up on some
Pollution!  People threw their trash everywhere.  It was a beautiful place and beautiful people, but there was a large disconnect between the natural beauty of Nicaragua and the people's littering.

The Water is this color partially due to sediment but mainly weird pollution.
This is Lake Nicaragua.  The first day we went by it we faced a mask of maggots so thick we had to shield our eyes.  One day we actually saw people swimming in its waters.  The lake was so disgusting.  

They actually had a decently seized park.  It was the least polluted place in Nicaragua.  It also was surprisingly vacant.  Possibly due to the minimal entrance fee.  As you can see they racked up the garbage here.
Park Sign

It was polluted but it still was a beautiful city filled with rich history and colors.
This is me on top of the bell tower!

This was an abandoned building and we walked around inside. It was mostly burnt down but kept a haunting beauty.
The colors were so amazing and uplifting.  I felt so happy walking around there.    I wanted to take pictures of every building.

The market was a hectic place but once you got used to it you could really enjoy the atmosphere.  Can you spot my friend Sierra?



People rode their bikes in all different fashions.  Babies were riding on motor bikes.  It was a different world. 

This horse was just walking around unattended attached to a cart. 

Horse in far back.

They had many stray dogs like Costa Rica. 

White Squirrels

Everyone wanted to have their picture taken.  I swear these are the most friendly and kind people in the world.  He was really proud of this dvd.

This is a pick of the kids playing during recess.

This girl looked so pretty in her apron.  She was comfortably munching on the street on a warm day.
This guy was a beggar.  They all kind of were, but he was so cute.  The friendliest people.
This guy sold ice candy after school to all the kids.  He shaved the ice of an ice block with a knife.

Everyone is so proud of their children.  They have little but what they do have is strength in their family and happiness.  
Rock'n to class
These kids were street performers. They made me a flower out of corn hide the night before.  I saw them sleeping on the street the next morning.

This was a picture of two lovers (far right).  I imagine him picking her up on his bike and them enjoying the view atop the wall.

Cute moment 
There was a weird circus in town that we ran into the first day.  It was not a touristy thing and there was some type of animal fight going on inside.  We headed out.
We took a day trip to a crater where you could go swimming.  Finally clean water.   
Their was a new hostel located on Crater Lake and they were hiring.  I could have managed there for awhile.  
Food and drinks were so cheap there. 

Resisting a kiss from a local. 
This is the night parade.  They were actually pretty talented street performers.   Kara is trying to avoid the tip. Miss Stingy Pants!

We traveled to see a volcano outside Managua.

We went with a tour group. 

The girls

Sulfuric Vapors!  We were the only tour group there without face masks.  Guess I will know in 20 years if that mattered.

note the cross we hiked to it
gotta love a beautiful hike

the tour group
This picture isn't even close.  It looked like heaven.  Ironically the volcano was called the devils mouth in Spanish.  The natives used to perform sacrifices there.

Wait for it.  Wait for it. BATS.  This cave used to be lived in by this ancient voodoo witch lady that they thought could predict the future.  They took us into the cave and turned off all the flashlights.  That was complete darkness.  They had us stand in front of the cave as the bats were flying out for night hunting.  We had hard hats on but of course the bats didn't hit us. Echolocation!   

Sitting on the curb waiting for the bus back to San Jose.  People of Nicaragua and Costa Rica did this all the time.  Just sat and stared.  It was actually very relaxing and enjoyable just to sit and watch the habits of others.  I learned a lot from you Nicaragua.

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