Costa Rica 2011

CIEE Study Abroad
Tropical Biology and Conservation

Meet the hikers, adventurist, and explorers. They were my best friends and the smartest most awesome people I know.  CIEE Costa Rica Summer 2011!

Our first time camping we stayed in tents on a beach touching the Pacific Ocean. Located in Corcovado on a closed off area only to be reached by boat. We had a personal chief, Dalai, who was amazing.  This is where we were first introduced to the magic of the rainforest and felt the beauty of untampered land.

This is a view of Corcovado by land.  At night a few of us went out at low tide in search of night animals.  We came across a baby crocodile and I actually touched it!

This was our first long hike but as you can see well worth it.  Few individuals have ever seen this beach.  The trail to it had to be hacked down by our very own machete man Moncho (couselor).  This was the first time we hiked through real old growth forest.  We left early in the morning and were able to stay on the beach a few hours before turning back.  We had to be aware of the incoming tide and early darkness due to the rainforest cover.

Nothing like a good rest overlooking an ocean after a long hike

Here comes the tide!
My tent mate and camping buddy Tess Herman.
Once we finished up our first few excurtions we headed to the Biological Station in Monteverde, Costa Rica.  Here we caught up on our studies and fixed our tan lines (well as much as a cloud forest can help).  
Here I am working on my study project.  I studied Lepidoptera and species diversity in human modified landscapes.
This is my host family.  I stayed with them for about 20 days.  They cook a mean  meal not to mention they own the canopy tours.  Can you say winning big time?
This was the most challenging and rewarding hike of the trip.  The hike to Eladios.
This is his house.  We made it!
Rincon De Vieja Volcano!

visiting a cattle farm for a humans in the tropics day
BFF! Recess! After school! (u get it) Party like it's CIEE summer 2011!

Me and Moncho.  The professors and counselors on this program are amazing.  Prepare to learn a lot and joke around a lot.

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